Maybe an idea can change the world.​

“Small things done with great love
can change the world.”​​

— Mother Teresa​

If you knew your idea would change the world, what would you do differently?​

Before the greatest anything changed the world, it started with an idea. An idea and someone crazy enough to think it could ever work. A menace to society, if you will.

Who Are You?​

I am an artist. There. I’ve said it out loud. That was scary. But, if I don’t say it, and more importantly, if I don’t live it, I just might go insane…
If you're here, you feel the same.


men·ace (noun) ˈme-nəs

“One that represents a threat”

-Webster Dictionary


reb·el (noun) /ˈreb(ə)l/

“A person who rises in opposition” 

-Oxford Languages

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